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The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) receives funds annually from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to promote traffic safety initiatives within the State of Oklahoma.

The OHSO solicits applications for highway safety grant projects designed to combat the number and severity of traffic crashes by developing and supporting educational, enforcement, and engineering programs (OHSO Mission). These programs are keyed toward preventing fatalities and reducing injuries on Oklahoma's streets and highways. Grant program areas include Impaired Driving, Child Passenger Safety, Occupant Protection, Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety and Motorcycle Safety.

The contract period coincides with the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY), which runs from October 1 through September 30. All grant applications must contain sufficient documentation to determine the project goal, description, cost, and evaluation benchmarks. The project goal(s) must be consistent with the OHSO statewide goals as set forth in the application.

The annual grant solicitation period runs from December 15 to January 31 for the upcoming Federal Fiscal Year.

Grant Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what funding programs are currently available?
On the OK Grants website, click the Portal Home page to view a calendar of all available opportunities. Click on the listing to view a short description of the grant opportunity.

In order to apply for any grant, you must first obtain approval from the grantor agency to access their grant opportunities. If you are already approved to access OHSO grants, then simply log into the OK Grants system and click the VIEW OPPORTUNITIES button to see funding programs that are open and accepting applications, including any through the Highway Safety Office. Please note that in order to access the Highway Safety Office application you must have the permission level of Agency Administrator or Authorized Official.

How do I register for access to OK Grants?
If you are responsible for the administration of grants at your organization (contract official, grant administrator, agency head, etc.), go to https://grants.ok.gov and click the 'Agency Administrator Registration' link to begin the registration process for the organization. If the organization is already registered in the system, you will either be approved by an OHSO System Administrator or directed to your registered Agency Administrator to obtain access. In most cases, once an organization Agency Administrator is approved, the organization Agency Administrator is responsible for managing organization access to OK Grants.

Who within the organization can submit an application to the OHSO?
In order to submit the application, the user must have the Agency Administrator or Authorized Official permission level in OK Grants. The designated Project Director for any Highway Safety Grant MUST be assigned Agency Administrator permission level in the OK Grants system by the organization.

How can I be sure that I have successfully submitted my application for funding consideration?
Look at the current status of your application to see if it reads ‘Application Submitted.’ If so, you have successfully sent it to OHSO for review. If not, you must go to the Application Menu page, click VIEW STATUS OPTIONS under the ‘Change the Status’ heading and then click the APPLY STATUS button under ‘Application Submitted’. You will also receive a confirmation email once your application has been successfully submitted.

How do I know if my application has been approved for funding?
Look at the current status of your application. If it reads ‘Application Awarded’ then congratulations are in order. A status of ‘Application Not Funded’ means your application was approved for funding but sufficient funding was not available for the project. A status of ‘Application Not Approved’ means your application was not approved to be funded. You will also receive a confirmation email advising of the decision, regardless of status.

Can I be both the Agency Administrator/Project Director and Authorized Official for the application?
A user will normally only be assigned one permission level, or “role”, per organization. A person can be assigned as a user in different organizations with different permission levels in each one, but they will normally have only one designated “role” within an organization.

Who can authorize the final grant agreement?
Once the final agreement (contract) has been written, a person having the permission level of Authorized Official of the agency must log into OKGrants and approve the agreement by clicking the Save button on the Certification Page. An Authorized Official cannot be a County Sheriff or Chief of Police.