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END420DUI Campaign Results

This report summarizes the results of the State of Oklahoma participation in the 2018 Regional “420” Enforcement Campaign involving the States of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, in coordination with 24 state and local agencies, conducted enhanced impaired driving enforcement over a 42-hour period from midnight on Thursday, April 19 through 6:00 PM on Saturday, April 21. Twenty-four agencies signed up to support the mobilization and 17 of the agencies reported their activity after the mobilization. The results of the reported enforcement efforts are summarized below.

Total Number of Fatalities


Total Number of Crashes


Total DWI Arrests and Citations


Total Drug Arrests Made


Total Suspected Marijuana Impairment


Total DRE Evaluations Conducted


Total Number of Traffic Citations Issued


Total Number of Speed Citations Issued


Total Number of Seat Belt Citations Issued


Total Commercial Vehicle Citations Issued


Total CMV DWIs


Total Felony Arrests


Total In-Custody Arrests


Total Number of Media Contacts Related to Event


Several personnel from Oklahoma attended the kickoff press event held in Leawood, Kansas on April 20, 2018 including: Paul Harris, Director of the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, LT Colonel J.D. Wilson from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and Officer M.D. Snyder, a drug recognition expert from the Tulsa Police Department.

Media Efforts

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office began preparing for this campaign at the end of February 2018. A series of web pages within our website were built to house information on the campaign. This website included a sign up form that participants could fill out and submit, sample press releases, social media posts, a media toolkit with talking points, fact sheets, and interactive maps that displayed locations of drug-impaired driving crashes in the state.