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The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) was established in 1967 by the Oklahoma Legislature, as a direct result of the National Highway Safety Act of 1966, to combat the alarming increase in the number and severity of traffic crashes and fatalities. The OHSO is under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety.

The OHSO works closely with local governmental organizations, state agencies, law enforcement agencies, and others to develop the State Highway Safety Plan and programs to address highway safety issues. The programs are federally funded through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Most programs and activities fall into the areas of traffic safety education, training, and enforcement enhancement.

Paul Harris  

About Paul

Paul is from Girard, Kansas and graduated from Girard High School in 1985. He enlisted into the Army in May 1987. In 1993, he joined the Oklahoma Army National Guard and attended Cameron University where he earned a degree in Elementary Education in 1997. Paul taught elementary school at Crosby Park Elementary in Lawton, Oklahoma from 1997-2002 at which time he was hired to work full time for the Oklahoma Army National Guard. Paul retired from the Guard in December 2016. In that same month, he was hired as the director of the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office.

Katie Mueller
Chief of Programs

About Katie

Katie grew up in the Oklahoma panhandle and graduated from Rogers State University with a bachelor’s degree in communications. After 10 years in pediatric injury prevention and outreach, she joined the highway safety office in 2015 as a program manager and is now leading the program management team. Katie has been a certified child passenger safety technician since 2005 and an instructor since 2009. As a fatality crash survivor herself, she is dedicated to working in our state to change traffic safety behavior and save lives through innovative, evidence based programs and policy.

Mike Bray
Chief of Plans

About Mike

Mike grew up all over Oklahoma and graduated from Blair High School in Southwest Oklahoma. He attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and is currently working towards his Master degree in Business Management (MBA). Mike enlisted in the Oklahoma Army National Guard in October of 1988. While working part-time for the Guard, he worked for several Oklahoma grown corporations before being hired full-time for the Guard in July 1999. Mike retired from the Guard in August 2019 and shortly thereafter was hired as the Chief of Plans for the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office.

Marie Moore
Chief of Resources

Jay Wall
Management Analyst

About Jay

Jay began his career with the Department of Public Safety in 1973 as a Communications Officer for Oklahoma Highway Patrol District 1 (now Troop A). Having served in a supervisory position for several years, in 1984 Jay transferred to the DPS Driver Improvement Bureau as a Hearing Officer and later served as a Senior Hearing Officer and supervisor in that division. Jay’s responsibilities also included supervision of the medical review section of DPS, dealing extensively with cases involving the Medical Aspects of Driver Licensing for the State. In 2000, Jay was promoted and assigned to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office as a Highway Safety Programs Manager and in 2014 was promoted to Chief of Plans & Programs. In October 2019, Jay accepted a newly created position as the Management Analyst for the OHSO.

Cody McDonell
Communications Manager 

About Cody
Cody is a native Texan who moved to Oklahoma in early 2012 to pursue a career as a journalist. After six years of working in TV news, he transitioned to the Oklahoma State Department of Health where he was a Public Information Officer. Cody began working for the OHSO in February 2018. His passion is in social media development and strategic communications. Cody attended the FEMA Advanced Public Information Officer course in early 2018 and is also a reserve peace officer.

Kelli Bruemmer
Program Manager

About Kelli
Kelli joined the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office team in mid-2018. Prior to joining the OHSO, she spent nearly four years with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and more than 12 years with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. During her time with the sheriff's office, Kelli developed a passion for crime prevention education, community outreach, and driving safety, especially with adults over the age of 55.

Jaclynn Frace
Program Manager

About Jaclynn
Jaclynn was born and raised in the Oklahoma City metro area. She earned a Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Responder Administration from OSU-OKC in 2017. She has a passion for mitigation of safety hazards throughout the State of Oklahoma, which helps in her tasks as the Impaired Driving Coordinator at the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Through the continuous pursuit of information related to Oklahoma’s impaired driving laws and nationwide best practices, Jaclynn strives to increase awareness of this issue, making our roadways safer for her family and all others.

DeAngela Gaymon
Program Manager

About DeAngela
DeAngela has called Oklahoma home for more than 17 years. A native Michigander, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from The University of Michigan, and later a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Langston University. She is also a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®. DeAngela has worked with government, non-profit and private entities and has a passion for bridging the gap between people and processes. In 2003, she and her husband witnessed and responded to a fatality crash in North Carolina involving distracted driving, speed and child passenger safety. Patrick, the victim in the crash, remains a memory each year on their wedding anniversary; also the anniversary of the crash. DeAngela is passionate about highway safety and making sure potential victims like Patrick are protected.

Samantha Harcrow
Program Manager

About Sam

Sam has worked for the Department of Public Safety for more than 35 years including 10 years with the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. During her years with the OHSO, she has worked extensively with speed management, motorcycle safety, occupant protection, child passenger safety, and bicycle/pedestrian safety programs. She is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and CLEET Instructor. Sam enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and watching her daughter play softball.

Cassandra Herring
Program Manager

About Cass
Cass has a tremendous passion for child passenger safety and working in tribal communities to promote traffic safety and injury prevention within them. Cassandra is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor.

Amy Graham
Data Analyst

About Amy

Amy is originally from Ponca City, OK, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. She earned a Master’s degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University in 2009, and has been working as the data analyst at OHSO since December of 2016. Her role at OHSO allows her to utilize her skills and knowledge of spatial analysis and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in order to identify specific traffic safety issues across the state. One of her primary areas of emphasis is assisting in improving the quality and accuracy of highway safety data in Oklahoma.

Renée Reuter
FARS Analyst 

About Renée
A self-described military brat, Renée moved to Oklahoma to attend the University of Oklahoma while her father was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base. She began working at the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office in the fall of 2008. In August 2010, she took the position of FARS Analyst. As the FARS analyst, she is responsible for analyzing and coding Oklahoma's fatality collision reports for NHTSA and the general public.

Renee Reuter
Angela Villarreal 
Administrative Technician 

About Angela

Angela provides organizational and directorial support to both management and external clients for the OHSO.

Angela has worked with various state agencies, including the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare and Aging Services for the Elderly and Disabled. Angela takes great pride in serving the community and enabling others to succeed.

Impaired Driving Liaisons

Captain Donald Kerr 
Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Enforcement Coordinator

Lieutenant Chris Arnall
Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Enforcement Supervisor

Trooper Russell Callicoat 
OHP Impaired Driving Liaison (Green Counties)

Trooper BJ Keeling
OHP Impaired Driving Liaison (Yellow Counties)

Trooper Aaron Nickell 
OHP Impaired Driving Liaison (Gray Counties)

Trooper Paul Staggs
OHP Impaired Driving Liaison (Orange Counties)

Trooper Zach Woods 
OHP Impaired Driving Liaison (Red Counties)

OHP Impaired Driving Liaison (Blue Counties)